Beautiful Shibata!


About Shibata-city

Shibata city is located in the north of Niigata prefecture which is central Japan and along Japanese Sea. It has 533.10 square kilometers of area and approximately 100,000 people of population.
The beautiful coast is spread in the northwest. Also, there are Bandai-Asahi National Park and Tainai Ninouji prefectural Natural Park which blessed with natural resources in a southeastern mountain range. Fertility land because of Kajikawa river basin spread those area, and is well known for producing eminent quality rice Koshihikari.
It has historical tourist attractions such as Shibata castle and Shimizu-en garden. There were powerful ruling family Mizoguchi in Edo period (1603-1868), so it prospered than other near towns. It also has other attractive spots such as Tsukioka Onsen(Hot Spring Resort) ,Ninox Ski Resort, Koji Fukiya museum of art and iris park.
Shibata city, though easily accessible from Tokyo, has matchless charm which visitors cannot find in major spots within Japan. Please visit and find your favorite one in our hurtful town Shibata.

about Shibata castle